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Techno Factory -1

Techno Factory -1

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1: EVERY LOOP and every sample will definitely fit together.

2: ALL loops harmonise with each other.

3: This package includes Berghain-sound, bigroom-sound, deep, raw, festival-sound and many many more.


All of the total 434 WAVE-files match with each other. This package offers so many possibilities. Even Thomas Hoffknecht himself creates own tools with those loops for his DJ-sets.

Furthermore this sample pack is tailor-made for your own music productions. The highlight is, that you are able to use any random kicks, a bass line and a TOP-loop and it fits perfectly together. It is a big problem of many other sample packs that you are not able to use all possibilities. However in this package every loop and every sample is useful and valuable. Check out the preview, it will give you a foretaste of how loops harmonise with each other without listen to them before.After that the final touch is up to you.

434 x Wave-Files (586 MB unpacked) - LOOPS & SAMPLES

223 x TOPs


25 x KICKs 




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