Why Pioneer?

Why Pioneer?

Today I would like to tell you more about my experience with the new Pioneer CDJ3000 players and the Pioneer DJM-V10 mixer. I prefer playing a hybrid DJ set. What means that I play 4 decks plus one sampler or a drum machine, sometimes even both.

I would describe my sound as very tooly and loopy. Therefore I take specific parts out of a track and set a 4/4 loop or similar, for example a kick or bass line, just tops or percussions. It is like a remix on the fly and I try to unite different parts to create something completely new. I collect a kick out of track 1, the atmosphere or the synth out of track 2, the percussions out of track 3 and some rides or hi-hats from my drum machine.

For this kind of making music I am using the SYNC-button to connect everything. BPM-matching would be very exhausting in this case 

However in the beginning I worked a long time with Native Instruments Traktor Pro together with the Allen&Heath Xone:92 and later on with the next generation Xone:96. To control the 4 decks and the EFX on Traktor I used two Allen&Heath K2 controller.

Furthermore I entered the mic channel with my Roland TR-8 and later on with my Roland TR-8S and used the MIC as channel 5. 

Travelling with this equipment is one point, however when it comes to bomb tests at the airport it really gets annoying :). Often there is not enough space at the club and you have to build up or remove your equipment during the set of my DJ colleagues. Nevertheless I did it because I was 100% sure that I am able to implement all my thoughts while I was playing.

After I tested the Pioneer DJM-V10 some time ago with a very critical view I decided to keep my Xone:96 as my favorit. But then Pioneer showed up with it’s new CDJ3000 player. They send me 4 CDJ3000 players and the DJM-V10 mixer (thank you Pioneer!!!) and I was able to put the equipment to the acid test. Best thing that could possibly happen during Corona time.

I linked all four CDJs, mixer and the Pioneer Toraiz SP16! No kidding, EVERYTHING was LINKED! On top I connected my Roland TR-8S as a slave (midi in Toraiz SP-16), so it was also linked with the whole set up. 

Just plug in one USB stick and you are ready to go! The enlarged display of the CDJ3000 player provides a perfect overview of the 3 band wave form and your library. It is like looking at your laptop :D. The touch screen (even more precise) facilitates a quick access to different menus, especially during scrolling and selecting. The player has high speed uploading, quantized and adapt the grids on a clear and correct basis. However my big personal favorit was the pre-listening feature in my library.

It allows you to choose a wave form with your finger and to pre-listen to it with your headphones, while another track is playing (ATTENTION: only possible in conjunction with the DJM-V10 mixer). Furthermore you are able to select a specific part of the wave form, just sliding over with your finger, and pre-listen to it. Why do I freak out? Because I am able to pre-listen to a track, deciding if it fits or not, without kicking out another track running on 4 decks.


The EFX section of the DJM-V10 mixer is very user friendly and clearly designed. The fact that everything is linked and synced allows me to use effects, such as echos or delays on ¾ or ½, very precisely and clear. You are even able to create up- and down lifters through the touch screen on your EFX display.

The only deficit is that you are not able to use effects on different channels. The frequency setup in 4 band EQs allows you to create effects only on one channel or your master. My wish is that it will be possible to create effects for example on channel 1 and 3 or 1, 4 and 5. Maybe this will be a feature in the future. 

The mixer is huge but provides a clear overview. Filter knops are well positioned and they look different due to the other operating knops.


Pioneer also implemented a new compressor knop, which is very helpful for using older tracks or converted vinyl tracks to create more power and volume. Of course there exist much more features, but in my opinion I stated out all important points.

Altogether with this great setup you have everything you need to create an energetic DJ set. When I stood in front of this setup for hours I felt like being part of it. It was like sitting in my own laptop and have control over the electronic engineering better than ever before :)

short preview about making a remix on the fly with this setup :) 

A brutally linked machine, so precise and clear like a Swiss clockwork! It really broadens my mind and travelling will be so much easier in the future :D  

If you like to see me rocking this setup you should check out the Youtube stream of Jeton Records on 13 March 2021 in Istanbul. More information soon…