The importance of the KICK!

The importance of the KICK!

In my opinion the kick plays the most important role of the whole track! It keeps time and defines if you are going to stomp or if you just chill. Each kick has it’s own characteristic. It has to nod one’s head, if not you definitely did something wrong. Just saying! Don’t be angry or feel bad about this now! 

Creating a kick can be a long and tough learning process. On the other hand, it can be easy and quick if you try out different things and having a good ear for it. If you know me and my productions, you already know my famous motto: Work with your EARS!

Raw, digital, analog or live recorded … they all have one thing in common:

POWERFULL and BRUTAL down below!

When Marco Exarme and I created those kicks, we only had one thing in mind: You will find diamonds but also raw coal. 

Sampled by the Roland TR8S, created on a Elektron Analog Rytm MK2 and thengo for it through the Allen & Heath mixer!

Put up the gain controls a bit higher and lower the output.

Furthermore, put it through 3 FX chains completely analog. Our way goes through a Lexikon-Delay, followed by a Eventide-Reverb and our own FX of the console.

Effects are scratching and roar through the frequencies. Creating dirt, which was planned since its inception.

Specified compressors, consecutively tuned in, creating the typical note ala Hoffknecht.


Techno Kicks Kick RAW wave kickloops kick-loop

179 raw kicks (the coal), Kick-Loops, that are not as you wished for.

100 reworked kicks (the top-class diamonds). A must have for Techno music!

CHECK OUT a short preview :

They are powerful and brutal, stompy and heavy. Kicks that give your track the right boom, doesn’t matter on which sound system. Whether it is the Berghain, Tresor or the biggest stages of the world, like Awakenings, Time Warp, Tomorrowland and many more. It will nod one’s head, it will move your feet and everyone has to dance!

No matter if they are raw or reworked, they will fit perfectly well in all techno productions. Without compromise!