Producing techno music is getting easier year by year.

It exists enough input and information, thanks to loads of tutorials and “master classes” from successful DJ colleagues.

However, the problem with your own production is to stand out from the crowd, that also increases year by year. 

You will need to find your own sound, that you can feel and remain true to yourself.

Techno music has to be produced by emotions. You need to have fun while doing it. 

The hardest part is getting started.

You should have an decent computer, but the decision which DAW (Ableton live, Logic X etc.) you are going to use is up to you. You should start with decent headphones like Pioneer HDJ-X10 or BEATS Solo (my insider tip).

pioneer hdj-x10 headphones producer beginner techno

A cheap sound interface (like a native instruments audio 6) will do it at the beginning. 

native instruments audio 6 soundcard sound interface

If you think that you are really into it and have loads of fun, you are always able to upgrade your equipment later on.

Check out some tutorials and train basic skills how to use your DAW and how it is working.


The next step:

Sample loops are important and they help you to master different tasks. Samples will lead the way you are looking for in your productions. They are going to awake your creativity, help you to get some better ideas and broaden your mind.

samplepacks samplepack loops loop samples technosamples looppack

It doesn’t matter if you are using hi-hat loops from a 808 or 909, synth loops from a Moog Sub 37 or an Arturia, powerful kicks already edited and perfectly modified and so on. If someone tells you that samples are out and boring, just check out how many famous producers work with them. Samples exist for many years now. 

Get into it! No star has come down from the sky yet! However some motivation, ambition and the right knobs will help you to get there!