#STRGHT Producer talk - WHY SAMPLEs?

#STRGHT Producer talk - WHY SAMPLEs?

Everybody is talking about that producing electronic music today is much easier then ever before. Everyone has the chance to make the first steps and to call himself a “producer“ with an own laptop and a cracked version of Ableton Live or Logic. 

However what you really need today to enter your favourit music business in style is not a highend Mac or thousands of plugins. It is your mindset, a good amount of creativity and the right choice of samples. 

But why samples? For beginners it is very difficult to find their own path in DAW. Samples will lead you to a quick start without knowing anything about the basics of a sound synthesis. They are able to offer you the know-how of experienced producers and furthermore they provide a high level of creativity.

„Samples are the best way to boost your own creativity” – UMEK

On STRGHT.STORE you won’t get the usual in trade beginner samples. These samples are one of a kind. All the different elements like kick-loops, bass lines, bass-loops, synth lines and synth-loops, atmospheres and percussions are not smoothed out or prepared as usual to fit in all different types of music. STRGHT samples originate from real productions. They are like blanks of productions which are not finalized yet or even found their way into a final release. Therefore they fit perfectly into the techno music sector. This homepage offers samples of different artists, like Carlo Ruetz, Thomas Hoffknecht, Ramon Tapia, F-RONTAL, Drumcomplex and many more. STRGHT provides different styles of techno, from stomping warehouse sound up to dark bunker sound or even melodic peak time techno. Furthermore you will be able to attend master classes every now and then to learn how different artists use their own samples to create tracks, that fit in a label of your choice. The master class of Thomas Hoffknecht is already available and shows you how to deal with samples. The video also provides the basics of arrangements and gives you deep insights why it is important to build a track that is suitable for DJ sets.

Why STRGHT samples?

There are loads of samples on the market. To stick one’s neck out I would say that there are more samples out there than final tracks each month. But wherever you help yourself out with those samples, they all have one big disadvantage. They are smoothed out and prepared to fit in all different types of music. It does not matter if you buy BOOOM Techno edition 3 from Super Techno tools X or any other collection out of your trusted series. They are all trimmed and cutted down. Some bass sections in hi hats? Resonances on the snare? That is not what a human ear would like to hear, isn’t it?

STRGHT samples are not meant to be used in all genres of music. The special feature is that they originate from productions and for other productions. They have the right amount of “dirt“ to produce techno music. The volume is not adjusted to -6db. It is exactly what your ear would like to hear. Producers like Ramon Tapia, Carlo Ruetz, F-RONTAL, Thomas Hoffknecht or Drumcomplex show you parts of their own productions and share their own skills and knowledge with you. STRGHT samples are mainly build on a loop basis and therefore they invite you to experiment. With strong kicks up to stomping bass lines into sizzling tops and exploding synth sounds STRGHT provides you with all possibilities for different kinds of techno music. The dark bunker sound, the stomping warehouse sound or even the melodic peak time techno to name only a few styles out of it. Furthermore you have the possibility to find different forms of samples. You are maybe a genius creator of snyths but you are not able to build suitable tops? No problem as STRGHT has a great selection of exactly those missing elements. You are able to buy single synths, tops, percussions, kicks, bass lines and many more.