My lovely ROLAND TR-8 S Drummachine

My lovely ROLAND TR-8 S Drummachine

Whats up guys,

there is one technical device, that I would never give away. It is a truly constant companion in my studio and a very effective weapon during my DJ sets. The Roland TR-8 S Rhythm Performer is an eight-lane drum computer.

Digital with a 32 bit / 96 kHz quality, calculating the sound output. You are able to import your own samples or even purchased samples. “Stand alone” is the magic word in this case. Furthermore this little “baby” arrives with a lot of default sample kits, which are very easy to select or change. I don`t want to think about playing without this equipment anymore. I am using the Roland all the time to generate tops or hi-hat groups.

The tune knobs and the decay knobs are easy to use and ideal to create a great groove. It adjusts very fast.

There are so many different options and functions, that I am only using more or less around 40% of the Roland. That is totally sufficient for my needs. No annoying submenus and a simple and fast handling. I have the feeling that for some technical devices you need a university degree first, before you are able to use it right. Therefore I love my Roland TR-8 S.

As I already said it is a secret weapon for the studio and during DJ sets. I save my own samples on my Roland, adjust my channels and I know exactly what fits together. And in case that it doesn’t fit, the controllers do the right job for you ;)

Personally, I would recommend this device to everyone, doesn’t matter if it is for a beginner, a professional or a real nerd. 

Forever in my heart! Forever in my studio!