You are sitting there since hours just for one single section, a loop or an arrangement? Nothing happens, no ideas and just getting depressed? Starting a new project and having the same issues again? Even with some new synth?

Exactly this is the time for having a break!

Having a break from producing music and get some inspiration from other hobbies and leisure activities. I know it is Covid-19-time out there, everything is difficult, the weather and your mood is grey but there are still many nice things you can do to clear your mind.

Get out, have a walk and listen to the sound of nature. You will be surprised how many different sounds you will recognize in a forest as long as you keep focused with your ears. That applies also to other locations. However you are also welcome to set yourself free while chilling on your couch and Netflix. Concentrate yourself on other things in life like family or sports and other hobbies that you are interested in. You need something as an offset to your music. You can even check out other music genres or listen to some sets of other artists. Honestly I use to play Playstation 4 and freaking out during some matches at FIFA 21. Okay it is not stress-free time, however it distracts me completely from music (just one example for a personal break). Anyway it is not bad having a block of creativity! You won’t succeed while forcing your mind just to get some tracks out. You will see that after a break your creativity is back and you keep going with ease.