B2B with Pan-Pot

B2B with Pan-Pot

I just got invited by the boys of Pan-Pot for a B2B set at their LetsPlayWithDJ-Stream.

Usually, I am not the kind of person for B2B sets, but together with Pan-Pot this is a different topic. They are very relaxed, funny and super cool. It was interesting to see what will happen.

We streamed out of a studio in Berlin and the visuals were amazing. The Rave-Cave with all its skeletons and monsters, that appear dancing on the screen, after reaching a certain amount of bonus points (or what so ever were too funny. The whole team was in a great mood and playing a B2B set with the boys was lit.

I would have never expected such a good workflow and it was really fun. Perfect match. I am happy about this invitation and I guess I wasn’t the last time we did this together ;) Hopefully in a club with all of you out there!

You will find our set here:


Just leave an abo for their LPWDJS on twitch.

Let’s go!